Wilson Tennis Social​ Content

The goal was to create fun, engaging, and unique types of videos with Wilson’s professional tennis athletes.

We had 4 days to capture content from 22 pro athletes.

The time with each athlete would range from 15 mins to 45 mins.

Leading my creative team, we crafted a plan that allowed us to deliver over 60 pieces of content featuring their pro athletes.

Working with their team early in the planning process; we understood the types of content they were looking for and helped build a plan. We join them on the courts in sunny CA capturing as much fun, engaging content we could in the allowed time for each athlete. Once back in the studio, we got to work editing and creating numerous assets they were able to add into their content pool and use for their social media profiles.

The final deliverables would be across multiple formats including: Instagram (1×1, 4×5, and 9×16), YouTube, and Giphy (Gifs and Instagram Stickers). With so many sizes and formats, we had multiple camera setups and various rigs to ensure we were capturing every angle in the best way possible for each platform.

Milos Raonic Cinemagraph